KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD. is a company dedicated to providing premium Quality machinery for our customers of Plastic Packaging Converting, Textile Processing and Tyre – Cord industries.

Our Quality Policy is about providing excellent Quality machines to our customers, which gives maximum output with minimum cost and maintenance. The machines are made exactly as per the technical requirements of the customer so as to produce desired results. Our Quality Policy means 100% Customer Satisfaction and passing & approval of machines according to our high-Quality Standards.

We confirm the assurance of the quality of machinery and its components as they are being manufactured in our own factory, which is well equipped with all necessary top quality technically skilled personnel, raw materials & machinery. From raw materials to finished components are carried out up to the final stage of assembly with total inspection to ensure export quality. We use state of the Art Technology with computerized drawing designs.

All machines are made with equal excellent quality for domestic as well as international customers. The machines are manufactured keeping in mind high International Standards like ISO and other International Inspection bodies & agencies.?

Our focus is not only on order fulfillment but also promoting a cordial relation with our customers forever to get the best results with installation and after-sales services. Thus our primary focus is customer satisfaction with a long-term relationship. We rest assure that all orders would be executed with full satisfaction. We would like to request you to register our name as a leading manufacturer of the above machinery and send us your valuable inquiries and orders.

In the final stage of the machine, continuous trial is taken to satisfy ourselves before being dispatched to our customers. We invite our customers to our premise to take a trial of their machines and only after their approval and inspection, we dispatch the machine. So that the customer has just to install the machine and start using it after erection.